• Nov. 5 Derogatory

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    Having formed in 2007, the band “Derogatory” has been playing at popular clubs and venues in Savannah GA and the surrounding area. Derogatory focuses on playing accurate covers of popular rock and alternative from the 90′s as well as current rock with a mix of some timeless classics. With an energetic performance and a good sense of humor too, Derogatory is sure to entertain a wide range of audiences.

    The band consists of Mike Sibilio as lead vocalist and rhythm guitar, Vince Blumberg on bass guitar and vocals, Jeff Wiley on drums, Kevin Schaefer on lead guitar and Rob Tiltin on Guitar and vocals.

    If you like to rock out to songs from Bands like, Three Doors Down, Stone Temple Pilots, Seether, Bush, Collective Soul, Fuel, Green Day, to name a few; then you will be sure to like what Derogatory offers up at their live shows! Check them out on Facebook at Here  or MySpace  

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